On 1947 George Dimitriadis the son of Dimitrios Dimitriadis founded his company constructing awnings, tarpaulins and covers in Thessaloniki capital of north Greece.

That time it was a small market, which needed development.

In a period of time not exceeding than 10 years awnings, tarpaulins and covers were connected to Dimitriadis co name in north Greece and not only.

Step by step a quick growth of Dimitriadis products becomes a trademark of quality and service gaining more and more market share.

At that time Dimitriadis Dimitrios the son of George Dimitriadis took over the company and he turn up the small company which well knew to a company which deals in commerce of raw materials in rolls of canvas for awnings, PVC & PE tarpaulins, super clear transparent sheets etc and their components and also in the construction of the products with the elaboration for awnings, PVC tarpaulins, etc, representing a lot of Greek and foreign suppliers, building up his future clients who started out their own companies by his support.

At 1998 the third Generation George D. Dimitriadis, married with six (6) children, grandson, was awarded by his father shares of a recognized joint stock CO Dimitriadis Bros S.A. and since then he owns 96% of shares and active as President and Managing Director of the company.

Having more than 70 years story on his shoulders George D. Dimitriadis made his company the Leader in the mentioned fields - obtaining 50% market share of the Greek market and exporting to 20 countries such as, Balkan and neighboring countries, Cyprus, European Union (Austria, Romania, Germany, etc), Armenia, countries of former RUSSIAN union etc.

Mulitplast Dimitriadis G. Bros S.A. along with the fourth generation (from 2006) and with an excellent and well trained stuff and over of a 35 employees, offer a big range of both quality service and materials to its clients and is ready to manufacture products from raw materials to other construction and commercial companies who deal in this field. Our Company disposal ISO 9001:2015 Also it is certified 100% Hellenic Business with EPIELL 

Since 1947 the store is located in the center of the town and serves both the departments of wholesale and retail 
Since 1978 the first of its factories of 2.100m2 warehouses is extended in an area of 4.000m2 with equipped warehouses and production areas with the most sophisticated machineries and a turn over of 2.500.000

Since 2008 the second factory is extended in an area of 25.000m2 with premises of 2.000m2 that serves exclusively only the department of wholesales in roles of PE & PVC tarpaulins, rolls of canvas for awnings, Digital Printing materials etc and the components of them.

Multiplast Dimitriadis G. Bros S.A. fοr many years is the best channel for raw material suppliers to promote and build their market share wherever the company acts.

Today is looking forward to spread its own activities throw other companies which will use exclusively both of trade mark and raw materials from Multiplast Dimitriadis G. Bros S.A.

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