MULTIPLAST DIMITRIADIS G. BROS S.A. is a dynamic commercial and manufacturing unit with two (2) factories and one (1) store with history and experience more than 70 years. Our vision is to support and help our customers in succeeding their objectives. The company offers to its clients the most synchronous and recognized solutions to the field of construction and trading with the materials that are used for covering (awnings), transport (PVC tarpaulin for cover trucks) and all the related materials.

Our primary objective is to help our customers to confront successfully the continually fluid needs in the field of shading and covering outdoor areas, truck covers etc.
Our long-lasting experience in this field, our specialized knowledge and our sophisticated production machines settle our company unique in total management and support big and also small projects.

Except the field of shading and coverings our company activates in construction of coverings for trailers, tankers, and boats, in covering of outdoor areas (metal construction, concrete, awning), in constructions of shelters (with panels, iron - plates), tolls, parking for cars, sliding gates with concrete and rails (for example gate of port, gate of camp etc). Also there is the department of wholesale in rolls of PVC & PE tarpaulins, zelatins, rolls of canvas for awnings, Digital Printing materials and the components of them. The store is located in the center of the town and serves both the departments of wholesale and retail sales.
MULTIPLAST DIMITRIADIS G. BROS S.A. is an exclusive representative of several European Companies with large variety of products and goods, covering the needs of the most demanding customers giving him pioneer proposals and solutions for Greek market.

Our company objective is to approach the customer with specialization in sections of production. The substructure of our company has in its disposal staff with their main priority to understand the needs of the customer and to give him solutions that are adjusted to these specific needs.Its sophisticated mechanical equipment with automatic sewing machines, automatic cutting machines for fabric and PVC guarantees the excellent elaboration of raw material. The electronic presses achieve the welding of PVC covers such for trailer, tents for trucks and for army vehicles. The presses of air set rivet and eyelets to the covers.

MULTIPLAST DIMITRIADIS G. BROS S.A. export its products (including also these that represents) to 20 countries.

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