Human resurces

The permanent executive staff of  MULTIPLAST DIMITRIADIS G.BROS SA is endowed with business experience of many years obtained in top production and executive positions with the largest construction and industrial companies.

The management team includes mechanical engineers,mechanic,designers and handlers for particular machines and also the appropriate managerial - producing personnel to support the production processes.

The experience of the management team contributed enormously to the fast development of the company and also to the implementation of reliable organisational structures which enable the effective operation of the company.

The above human resources enable the executive team of MULTIPLAST DIMITRIADIS G.BROS SA to handle all the problems of both the construction and design sectors with reliability, flexibility, and a quality of the highest standard, providing solutions that are immediately practicable, economically viable and completely focused to the specific requirements of its clients.

Consindering the above infrastructure management and organizational setting, MULTIPLAST DIMITRIADIS G.BROS SA is able to respond to the construction of complex projects reliably, along with competitive prices and high standards that fully meet the requirements of its customers and classify the Co as the leader in this field of industry.


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